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Client: Xiaomi

Agency: Across the Pond

Role: Creative

Creative Director: Jim de Zoete

Director: Jamie Lane


Creating social noise around the launch of Xiaomi's latest handset which boasted a "notchless camera".

How do you get people to care about something that isn't there?

Xiaomi (Chinese tech company) were launching a new smartphone in Western Europe. The Mi9T handset boasts a huge full-screen display, providing the notch-less viewing experience that phone buffs crave. We created a series of short films for social media.

Conscious that the the market is flooded lifestyle ads and beautiful 3D renders, we approached the brief with something a little different.

We created three 15’ spots that depict a series of humorous catastrophes caused by the distracting feature.

Let this be a lesson to all - BEWARE THE NOTCH!

Xiaomi / Beware the Notch / Dentist
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