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Showcasing TensorFlow as a powerful tool for developers to supercharge their projects

All around the world, developers are using artificial intelligence and machine learning to solve problems of all sizes. We helped TensorFlow create a series of 7 global stories to inspire other developers to see how they could use machine learning to take on their own challenges.

My favourite story was based in Rome. Researchers, developers, students and palaeographers joined forces to transcribe the world's largest archive of medieval manuscripts, found in Vatican City.

With developers as our main audience, it was important that the films contained enough technical information to keep them interested.

Client - DeepMind / Agency - Across the Pond / Role - Senior Creative / Creative Director - Rohit Iyer / Strategy - Kerensa Ayivor / Series Director - Kate Villevoye / Manifesto Director - Lou Jasmine / Design - Studio NARI
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