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News Ideas / Google News Initiative

Building trust between Google and news publishers by celebrating creativity

News Ideas / Google News Partnerships

Creating a catologue of the most innovative ideas to come out of a transforming digital news industry.

How could Google News Initiative continue to build great partnerships with publishers, especially those who have big concerns about the news landscape in the shifting digital world?

We saw that news publishers don’t get enough credit for their creativity, despite their passion of journalism driving a radical reimagination of new ways to connect the dots for audiences.


‘News Ideas’ is about showing how publishers are radically reimagining new ways to meet audiences in the places and moments that matter most, enabled by technology. It's also home to an ever-growing archive of the most innovative ideas to come out of the industry.


'News Ideas' became a creative platform for partnership stories, thought leadership and community engagement.

Client - Google News Intitiative / Agency - Across the Pond / Role - Senior Creative / Creative Director - Rohit Iyer / Strategy - Kerensa Ayivor / Series Director - Max McCabe / Design - Ais Brady / Animation - Tom Kilburn
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