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YouTube Channel / Google Research

Showing that Google is innovation leader working in service of human potential

We partnered with Google in a long-term engagement to reboot their YouTube channel with new content and a mission to show researchers how innovative the organization is in the world of cutting-edge technology.

We developed multiple formats and series to address the appetites and needs of the audience that were uncovered through strategy. Dozens of videos. Multiple channels. 


The 'Field Notes' series explores the surprising and unexpected world of research and innovation at Google. Stories are told through a wider cultural lens that aims to give the research context in the real world.

And 'Google Research vs. _____' shows how some of the world's smartest people are using their research to tackle the planet's biggest problems. 

These, along with other formats and a more creative approach to driving traffic, helped boost YouTube subscribers by more than double.

Client - Google Research / Agency - Across the Pond / Role - Senior Creative / Creative Director - Laura Mulloy Ault / Strategy - Kerensa Ayivor / Animation - Moving Objects
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