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Client: Google Research

Agency: Across the Pond

Role: Concept, writer and director

Creative Director: Laura Mulloy Ault 

Strategy: Kerensa Ayivor 

Animation: Moving Objects


Show that Google is still an innovation leader working in service of human potential

Google Research and Google Deepmind are Alphabet's research powerhouses. They're working on a plethora of projects at the forefront of technology.

Across the Pond partnered with Google in a long-term engagement to reboot their YouTube channel with new content and a mission to show researchers how innovative the organization is in the world of cutting-edge technology.

'Field Notes' is one of the formats we created.

The series sets out to explore the surprising and unexpected world of research and innovation at Google. Stories will be told through a wider cultural lens that aims to give the research context in the real world.

Episode #01 dives into how researchers are making four-legged robots more agile and therefore, more useful.

Episode #02 shows how an AI experiment makes it possible for researchers to recreate music from brain scans.

Episode #03 looks at the hyped up world of quantum computing and separates fact from fiction.


Google Research / Field Notes / Episode 01
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