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Client: DeepMind


Agency: Across the Pond

Role: Senior Creative

Creative Director: Rohit Iyer

Strategy: Kerensa Ayivor 

Series Director: Kate Villevoye

Manifesto Director: Lou Jasmine

Design: Studio NARI

Getting people from underrepresented groups to see themselves in Artificial Intelligence and join the industry

DeepMind believes that Artificial Intelligence is one of the most important technologies ever created, but only if it's made right. Made by a community with diverse hopes, values, and concerns. That includes people from underrepresented groups (including women).

But these people often decide not to pursue further education in the field because they can't see themselves represented and don't think it's for them.

The 'AI by you' campaign was launched to reach out to prospective scholars and show them that they can bring their full selves to AI. Moreover, it's critical that they do.

Centered around the idea of 'authorship', AI by you provides an ever-growing platform for people involved in AI to share their take on the world-changing technology.

DeepMind / AI by you
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